Cluster Immunotherapy

Quick relief is on its way! Breath Easy Allergy offers an accelerated immunotherapy regimen for busy adults where maintenance doses can be reached in just 10 weeks. Please inquire if you are a candidate.

Breathe Easy Allergy offers 2 methods of aeroallergen desensitization AKA allergy shots / immunotherapy: Traditional and Cluster Allergy Shots / Immunotherapy.

All aeroallergen immunotherapy/shots include a “build-up phase” and a “maintenance phase”. In the build-up phase patients receive small increasing doses of the allergens they are allergic to until an effective dose is reached. Once the effective dose is reached, patients enter the maintenance phase and start receiving monthly injections.

The traditional build up phase involves weekly or twice a week injections for approximately 6-9 months. Patients are monitored for 30 minutes by our highly trained staff.

Cluster shots allow patients to reach their maintenance dose in 10 weeks! Initially, there is a more significant time commitment with extended appointments which last 30 minutes to 2 hours. During these visits, patients receive 3-4 injections and are monitored closely by our staff. Patients will be required to pre-medicate before these treatments.

Results of both techniques are the same: 80% of patients will have 80% improvement in their rhinitis symptoms! The greatest benefit of cluster allergy shots is that patients achieve results quickly when they cannot commit to a longer build up phase.

Don’t suffer from your allergies any longer! Schedule your appointment with a board certified Allergist today about which approach is best for you!